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Video Insight

Video Insight

Platinum Sponsor

Video Insight, Inc., - headquartered in Houston, TX - is a leading developer of enterprise-class video management software (VMS). Founded in 2002 by two veteran technology entrepreneurs, Video Insight was established with the vision of providing powerful, user-friendly software that would run on "off-the-shelf" hardware based on IP technology.

Video Insight has built a strong foundation by marketing to North American K-12 and higher education institutions. As a result, more than 4,500 schools and campuses rely on Video Insight to protect their students, teachers, and facilities. With market adoption, Video Insight has successfully assimilated its versatile, highly scalable product to government, retail, aviation and other commercial markets.

Video Insight has internally developed its VMS solution from the ground-up, making it one of the few pure-play IP video management software providers. This extensive effort has resulted in a product that is simple to use, extremely cost-effective, flexible enough for any situation, and powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding clients. Users can access their Video Insight surveillance systems with Mobile, Web and Windows Clients over internal networks or the Internet. Further, the company’s software supports more than 3,000 camera models from more than 100 different manufacturers, providing customers tremendous flexibility.

Video Insight provides a clear value proposition to its clients by offering solutions at lower price points than its competitors, due in large part to its in-house software development strategy focused on more efficient designs. In an environment of tight budgets, Video Insight has gained significant momentum.

National Police Ammunition

Diamond Sponsor

National Police Ammunition

Based in Miami Florida, National Police ammunition is one of the leading manufacturers of lead-free ammunition in the United States whose products have been tested, approved ,and recommended by State and Federal law enforcement. NPA's products are held to the strictest of quality controls which have been developed with our customers to address the unique requirements of law enforcement agencies. NPA consistantly provides supperior lead times, outstanding service, and the most cost effective lead-free products to the industry.

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Raptor Technologies

Raptor Technologies

Founded in 2003, Raptor continues to lead the nation in cutting-edge visitor management technology. Over 8,000 K-12 schools and community facilities such as YMCAs use the Raptor system every day, making it the most popular choice for organizations that seek to keep children safe from sexual predators.

Raptor has always been dedicated to school safety and protecting children. Raptor has identified over 10,000 registered sex offenders attempting to enter our clients’ campuses in the past decade. The Raptor system has also been credited with the arrests of many wanted offenders that crossed state lines and failed to register in their new state of residence. Raptor performs an instant sex offender background check against the registered sex offender databases in all 50 states for every visitor, every time they enter.



Gaggle has been providing safe online learning products and solutions to the K-12 market since 1999. Their focus is, and always has been, on student safety so educators can have the confidence to allow learners to take advantage of current technology for communication, collaboration and learning.

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Intralogic Solutions
Florida Textile Recycling Programs
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