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The National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials (NASSLEO) organization was established to foster, promote and develop among its membership, the profession of safety and security in K-12 educational institutions in Canada and the United States of America. It is NASSLEO’s belief that there is no better way to ensure the long-term sustainability of this endeavor than to provide financial assistance to graduating high school seniors who have chosen to further their education, and who will be enrolled full-time in a degree or diploma program at a recognized university or college.

Funding for all Regional Scholarships provided by: Carehawk Life Safety Communications and NaviGate Prepared.


The following scholarships are awarded annually.

The Eugene (Red) McAllister - Past Presidents Scholarship Award

Sponsored by Intralogic and past NASSLEO Presidents, Awarded to the host city school student(s)

Scholarship Criteria

Character, service and leadership are the primary selection criteria for the NASSLEO Scholarship program.

Scholarship candidates are recognized as:

  • Potential leaders of strong moral character
  • Have demonstrated commitment to voluntary service
  • Have been recognized for contributing to school safety and security at their school and/or community
  • Have worked with the local law enforcement agency in their area
  • Candidates are curious by nature, interested in a wide range of subjects and willing to take meaningful risks
  • They prioritize results over appearances and value integrity and honesty
  • Though the candidates may study diverse subjects, and go on to work in a variety of fields, they share a common commitment to the larger communities

Scholarship candidates are recognized as:

  • Currently enrolled in their graduating year of a High School and will be enrolled full-time in a degree or diploma program at a University or College that is accredited by the appropriate accrediting agency for the fall academic term.
  • Present a minimum cumulative average of 85% (Must submit a Cumulative Record File or an Official Student Transcript or the Credit Counselling Summary with the application)
  • Has not received a full scholarship
  • Nominated in writing (submitted with the application) by a current NASSLEO member, and supported by a faculty member of the school that they attend
  • Outstanding in the area of citizenship and community service


A scholarship will be awarded only after NASSLEO has received adequate notice that the applicant has been accepted by the institution of study and the applicant has a Student number. Scholarship funds will be forwarded to the institution to be applied firstly against tuition costs.

All NASSLEO Regional scholarships must be sent to the respective regional director of the area that the scholarship application is made for (available at under “Board of Directors). For example, a scholarship application from a student from Grand Rapids, Michigan would be forwarded to the NASSLEO Region III – Mid-West Regional Director at Applications for the NASSLEO/Carehawk Inc., and the NASSLEO/Gemstar Security Services scholarships should be submitted directly to

Recipients must agree to have their names and photographs published in conjunction with the award, and with any promotion of the awards.

Immediate family members of those serving on the Board of Directors for The National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officials (NASSLEO) organization are ineligible to apply for these scholarships.


Regional directors shall be responsible to implement the scholarship program throughout their respective areas.

On February 1, the executive director will send an implementation reminder to the regional directors. By March 23, the regional directors will notify the NASSLEO members in their respective areas of the opening of the scholarship nomination period and ask that they seek qualified nominees. They shall also request that the members return all completed nomination packets to them by April 15. The regional directors shall forward the completed scholarship applications to the Executive Director or the President by April 30. Please forward only the top three nominations. The Executive Director will forward the packets to the Scholarship Committee Chair and the members of Scholarship Committee. The committee will select one individual student from each region for the award. The Committee Chair will forward the names of the regional winners to the Executive Director and the President by May 15. The Executive Director or the President will inform the regional director of the names of the award winners, who shall then notify the nominating NASSLEO member and the school teacher/administrator by May 30.

The awarded student must forward verification of enrollment to an accredited college/university to NASSLEO’S Executive Director. The Executive Director, or in their absence, the Treasurer shall forward the scholarship check to the approved college/university on behalf of the student once verification of enrollment has been confirmed.

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